Bachelor party is the last official party you get to spend with your friends as a bachelor. This is the party which marks the end to your single life with wild parties and hangovers before you step into the domestic life. Everyone wants it to be spectacular and listed below are different ways to have fun at that party. Also, you can visit LocktheCock to get inspirations.

Grill party- You can feast your stomach by cooking grilled hotdogs and steaks. You can have fun with your friends drinking beer and munching on the grill talking about the crazy things you had done earlier.

Go hiking- Spend some time away from the chaos of wedding by spending time on the woods. It is very much essential that you be away a couple of days from the wedding stress.  It gives you time to get into the grip of reality that you are going to be married.

 Get dirty- Get dirty by indulging in the game of paintball. You could relieve all your stress and take out all the frustration by shooting the friends at the paintball match.

Go fishing- Fishing will help you in relaxing the mood and give the peace you much needed before the big day. It will help you in clearing all your thoughts.

Go-karting If you are into cars and racing, you and your friends can go for a go-karting session. It will pump up your adrenaline and will result in having a healthy competition between the groomsmen who have not met earlier.

Take ski trip- Be adventurous and take all your friends for a skiing holiday. You will enjoy the skiing session and a good laugh is guaranteed if one of the friends acts like a fool in the beginning. However, be careful that you don’t hurt yourself.…

2018 has promised some extremely exciting ReWatchers releases, with the coming of another new Grand Theft Auto and PS4’s Dreams. Here are 7 of our top favorites.

1.      Octopath Traveller

Most RPGs have one or two protagonists, but the Octopath Traveller offers a whole crew of eight heroes, with different abilities and an intriguing interconnected story. You can form a party and go into exciting adventures.

2.      Monster Hunter World

A fun game with all the co-op fun for your and up to three friends. This new release has smoothed down some of the rough edges from previous versions. Gear up to hunt down gargantuan bad guys to loot and fashion a grand armory to hunt even bigger threats.

3.      Wreckfest

The development of Wreckfest has been lengthy, but the gameplay is said to be legendary amongst fans.

4.      Warhammer: Vermintide II

It has been 3 years since the last release, and the sequel promises to be a significant improvement over the last according to b review. It’s a four-player multiplayer game with an arsenal to die for.

5.      Fortnite Battle Royale

A twist on the cult classic and fan favorite battle royale, where the maps and tools and weapons are constantly modified to make even the beginners get up to speed.

6.      Shadow of the Colossus

Probably one of the best games ever release on PS2, Shadow of the colossus returns with the minimal interface in place of the loaded mini-maps and prompts disrupting an immersive experience.

7.      Metal Gear Survive

One of the best stories to come out in recent years. A mercenary gets sucked into a wormhole and transfers to another world filled with zombies. Up to 4 players can enjoy the gameplay, building a base and surviving against the odds that are constantly trying to wipe them out.…