When Instagram was launched as a social networking app, many didn’t know its capability to become one of the topmost business promotion sites. It has proved over the years with its use as the fastest medium to reach and influence. With this as a stepping stone, we can use Instagram to make money as well from what you do as a business post.

Some tips for making your business posts successful are listed here:

  1. Find out how many followers you need to start making money: having a page is not important but to have many people following your page and getting in touch with you about your products could be that which may promote your business.
  2. Be a sponsor for a brand: you can post about the products from a specific brand and make it as the forefront for your audience. This will fetch you large audience.
  3. Create and sell a physical product: Craftwork and creative decorative work have been recognized widely in recent times. Hence a page on this will make easy and quick money
  4. Make your own the online brand: not always sponsoring other brands is a great idea but you can as well begin your own store in your area of interest. Make sure to choose what you like because only that is the key to a long period of your business.
  5. Source out the best areas of making money: be it photography, fitness, food etc find which will suit you and the audience in the best terms of money making as a future goal.

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If you want your videos to go viral they must be entertaining and unique. Here are a few tips to get you going.

  1. Follow the script: Before you shoot it is mandatory to know what the focal point of your story is and how you plan to achieve it. Having a written script is very handy in ensuring you always stay on track and don’t lose focus.
  2. Use a good editing software: Clean crisp and well-done videos always draw the crowds. There are several editing software that are available for free (you can begin with a basic version before you switch to the more advanced software). Just ensure that the software you choose has the specific features you need for your video.
  3. Record in HD quality: With technology advancing rapidly it is crucial that you keep pace and upload videos with crystal clear visuals and stellar audio; blocky videos are a strict No.
  4. Upload regularly: In the present electronic generation people have very short memories and therefore to keep yourself alive in their thoughts you must upload at least twice a week. Pace out your videos in the week and not post everything on one day. Obviously, you must shoot your videos ahead of time and always have at least two extra videos for those crunch situations when you don’t have time to shoot a new video.
  5. Just be yourself: It is important to remain unique and yourself; if you ape somebody nobody will want to watch you or your ideas. And this is possible only when you have fun doing what you like and your joy comes through in your videos.

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The world is completely into digitalization of everything – from buying daily groceries to properties everything, kids education to entertainment, everything is online. Netizens and Youtubers are now not only viewing videos for new stuff but also starting their own youtube channels. With such a huge competition it is important to learn How to ensure viral growth of your youtube channel here. 

  1. Make a youtube video on a single keyword 

It is something like your blog where you search and keep keywords. Even for making your video go viral online create a keyword target and use it. Then search with the keyword and see what videos the results pull up online. The best time to keep the video is 8 to 10 minutes as they like to watch more. 

  1. Highlight the title & video description

After Google, youtube is the next biggest search engine. Hence, from all of the search results if you want your video to come up, make sure to optimize the title of the video. Then give a strong description or brief transcript so that this helps to optimize the video results. Do not forget to add the taglines to your video similar to a blog. 

  1. Thumbnails could bring video results

Even though the video content is not that great the thumbnails go a long way to maximum CTR or Click-through-Rate. This includes highlighting a certain portion of the thumbnail with a red circle or direction arrows, etc. 

  1. Create engaging content to keep viewers

It is no longer required to calculate your average watch time as long as viewers are engaged to your video. After Abos kaufen für YouTube, Video analysis by shows the time when the viewers leave the video. It helps to know what made the user disinterested.