10 Reasons Why You Should Always Say Yes To A Night Out With Friends

Thank God, it is Friday! How many of us wish that day of the week comes soon, to unwind with friends and have a good time. The best ways to relax after a hectic work week or the end of a tiring college day calls for a time to go helter-skelter.

  1. enjoy the time out with friends, as this will become a part of your pleasant memories few years down the line, that you will always cherish
  2. wear the best possible miniskirts and shorts as it is the best times to flaunt the perfect curves and have fun with friends
  3. binge drinking is a part of college life, spending night outs and driving to the local bar, splurging on all possible drinks is again the time when you are free without any commitments
  4. Pints of beer flowing down, replacing water, cheap and all that you can afford with a shoestring budget for your best pals, lemonades, iced tea and the rest is history!
  5. keep the good Samaritan in you alive always, booze but keep it in control so that you do not regret, that is what the thought comes when friends get together, probably you need these memories to always think how irresponsible you were making out with friends
  6. go for the movie date and have a good time with your blind date, use luxtime.su as you might never be able to go on such unconditional stuff once you graduate and have all the responsibilities
  7. enjoy the house party with your besties and let the music and beer flow, waking up late in the afternoon in different rooms will make you have the last laugh of those times
  8. let the binge not take over your senses that you end up in college drunk the next day morning,
  9. befriending bartenders well not a good idea, but you did it, enjoyed it and later regretted it, never repeat the same mistakes
  10. Playing weird games are part of the fun that you never will, as you grow older.