Broke? How To Have Fun Without Spending A Dime

Don’t have a dime to spend on entertainment? That should not make you worry. You can still have fun without money.

Walk in the nature

Get up early in the morning, wear your sports shoes and go on a walk appreciating the beauty of nature. The fresh air, smell of the flowers, and the chirping of the birds offers you a pleasant and a fun experience.


You do not need money to make friends. So meet up some like-minded people and sit and chat with them. A good time with good friends acts as a great stress buster and also offers fun.


There are many organizations that let you volunteer to help them with their work. You can help at the zoo or even at a music event. It not just lets you see the event or lets you visit the zoo for free but it also lets you meet people and have fun at the event.

Gaze at the stars

Have you ever noticed how beautiful the night sky looks? Just put in a tent and spend time gazing at the stars. This is relaxing and a fun way to spend your evening without spending anything.

Draw or colour

It does not matter whether you are an artist or not, you can spend a fun evening drawing and coloring. Get creative and use your imagination to draw a lovely poster. Use a mix of water colours and crayons to create a scenery. This is fun and de-stressing.

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Listen to music

Play some music and start dancing on your favorite song. You may also want to practice some exercises with the loud music. It is fun and engaging and also lets you stay fit.