Entertaining the kids that too on holidays are very difficult to manage since they are too active and energetic and they want to know and try to explore the things they see, analyze and repair the toys they have, and continue with all sort of things which are unimaginable.  It is in the hands of the parents to decide upon the activities which are essential for them and things which are not all necessary for their age.

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Some of the ideas and suggestions are as follows;

  • Plan for the fun-filled activities or games in which your children will enjoy the most and also love to play when you join along with them. There are many indoor games like snake and the ladder, ludo, chess etc. in order to entertain them.
  • Make them cook with some easy recipes which can be done by them too easily with little effort. If they know some basics of cooking, they can prepare a delicious recipe in which you can and your children can enjoy a lot.
  • When your children have school holidays, you can make them join a crash course which is of lesser duration like not more than 10-15 days in which they learn a lot.
  • You can also plan for a picnic or outing for a day or two in which you and your children will enjoy the change of atmosphere and also get some relaxation with the daily chores of routine life.
  • Make them engage in house cleaning or some other household chores in which they are also a part of the cleaning process.
  • Go for a long walk on a beach if possible so that you can talk freely with your children and better knowledge about their environment a little better than the past.
  • Also, plan for a movie which they love to watch and also have some fun and happiness.